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We need a minimum wage system in Singapore

Updated: Mar 3

We need to implement a minimum wage system pronto. All the poor people out there working their asses off should really be earning more than a measly few hundred bucks a month. Much more, if I may say so myself. As the saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine. Go forth with this, and I believe we will not end up having to deal with downright stupid problems like absolute poverty and extreme inequality that are so widespread in Hong Kong presently.

A fair minimum wage, say $10/hour, will tremendously improve the lives of many poor Singaporeans such as cleaners and security guards since their salaries shall rise significantly. Scores of Singaporeans will finally be able to give their families a better shot at life. Once more my friends once more, while we have done well in uplifting scores of Singaporeans from poverty and enabled them to join the ranks of the middle class, we should seriously contemplate doing the same for those still left far behind.

Many selfish folks will opine that a minimum wage system causes inflation rates to soar, yet rejoice when they receive pay raises. Wouldn't inflation creep in too under such circumstances? Because company managers now need to pay them more, greater charges will be levied on services/ goods at the expense of consumers. In addition, many greedy business owners fear the minimum wage system becoming a reality, hence their desperate participation in forums and government discussions to push their agendas forward. Wow, I truly wonder who then might be snapping up condos, splurging on luxury cars and engaging in hanky-panky affairs with outrageously expensive-to-maintain mistresses! If businesses are struggling so badly, how come them bosses can continue to afford their lavish lifestyles pray tell?

Here's one final rallying cry for a minimum wage system; let's make this happen, and may all those greedy, unscrupulous businesses burn in hell.

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