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Singapore is a recycling bin for Silicon Valley rejects and grossly overpaid foreigners

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

I work in tech, and I'm about to migrate overseas, so here are my final parting words to Singapore: You guys know jack shit about tech; you only excel at hiring nincompoops and overpaying them.

Tech being the hottest industry right now, I can certainly appreciate that it's attractive to people from all walks of life. Then again, this doesn't mean everyone is suited for it. I am so sick of having to deal with crappy code from quasi-programmers who are often none the wiser, those retarded PMs/BAs who obviously can't discharge their duties and yet still command high salaries, AS WELL AS all the weird scrum masters whose job scopes are so utterly useless I don't even know why we pay them to teach us how to 'optimize' our work flow when they fail miserably at managing company spending. Stop buying into western methodologies if you don't know how to employ them!

The worst part? Salary discrepancies between those of locals and foreigners. Feel free to get defensive however you want, but let's face it, most foreigners are obscenely remunerated to live the high life here whilst doing only a fraction of the work. What's up with paying these people so much moolah anyway? I seriously don't get it. What do they actually contribute? Do we really need to drive our living costs a whole lot higher through unnecessary gentrification?

If they are in fact better than local talent and add value to the economy, sure thing, take a place at the table. But here we are, with foreign supremacy shoved down our throats when their quality of work is trashy at best - all they do is yakety-yak away, while we Asians slog at their behest and they simply go on to usurp the credit for our efforts.

Am I xenophobic? Maybe. But those working in the industry will know the sheer amount of hogwash we have to contend with day in, day out.

Singapore, pretty please with a cherry on top, enact more fail-safes to check the "talent" flooding our shores. Just have a gander at the sheer number of unreported cases involving fake qualifications, biased hiring among certain races.... and now with the minimum salary of Employment Pass holders being elevated to $5k even for junior positions, it's pretty much a free-for-all as far as these phonies are concerned.

I'm not saying Singaporean talent are that much better, but truth be told the tech scene here is generally just sad and farcical. Singapore for Singaporeans needs to be practiced rather than exhaustively preached, nurture our own people first for crying out loud. Our asses are being milked by fakes and you are plain delusional if you don't see it. Peace out.

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