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Stinking attitude of SME bosses-fancy complaining about Singaporean hires on national TV

Updated: 23 hours ago

The Indian local (seated second from left in the video) rightly opined that foreigners here are depressing wages of Singaporeans, yet hotelier and restaurateur Mr Loh Lik Peng (boss of Unlisted Collection-seated fourth from left in video) stubbornly insisted hiring foreigners in Singapore incurs higher costs, at the same time refusing to acknowledge the irreparably damaging consequences brought upon by foreigners who were willing to settle for much lesser owing to lesser financial obligations and being able to enjoy advantageous exchange rates back in their home countries.

And then Miss Michelle Saram (seated third from left in video) started waxing lyrical about the "heavenly" set of circumstances enjoyed by businesses operating in Japan . Are the Japanese even permitted to hire foreign workers in obscenely huge numbers? At least the profoundly amiable Japanese are more than willing to assist and serve their own countrymen. Singaporeans on the other hand need to tolerate the nonsense of nasty foreigners, not forgetting we still have to commit to 2 years (and then some) of National Service in the name of protecting their asses and thanking them for stealing our rice bowls.

I will never want to work for this Mr Loh-there I said it. His stinking arrogance and condescending manner of speech makes one feel odious. To think he has the cheek to assert $1,800/month (remuneration for a six-day work week constituting 10-12 hours per day ) is deemed above average? To be fair, sadly most SME bosses are in possession of such mindsets. I previously studied and worked in Australia (both as a waiter and office administrative clerk) , however I have never encountered instances of Australian SME bosses complaining brashly about their own folks or making vicious comparisons to Asian hires. Generally, the working conditions within Australia is so much better even for employees in SMEs - higher paychecks, less stuck-up bosses, greater levels of trust (one can simply call in sick without having to endure queues to collect a medical certificate from the clinic), at least a month of paid leave and having to put in minimal overtime etc.

Similarly, international F&B brands like Starbucks and Mcdonalds face no problems in attracting Singaporeans to join them; in fact they have been awarded numerous rave reviews for being awesome employers in the little red dot:

Which is why IMHO if you are a Singaporean university graduate, it would be far wiser to be employed by an international MNC, else just resort to becoming a private hire driver, insurance agent or register a business requiring little capital outlay. In any case, avoid SMEs like the plague.

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