Advice to my fellow jobless Singaporeans

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

As cynical as this may sound, locals persistently suffering long term unemployment have PAP's myopic policies to thank for. High costs of living, ever increasing CPF retirement sum requirements to meet , a vastly uneven playing field existing between foreigners and citizens as well as National Service obligations have all played a part in creating a very toxic job market. Meanwhile policymakers and PAP supporters have their fingers in their ears going "lalalallalaal I can't hear you." or "at least you're not in Africa" or "no rape at 3am"; talking about high GDP and low tax rates on capital gains, indirectly invalidating your concerns, as if your problems aren't real.

I have been jobless since 2010. Performed all types of part time jobs, even ended up working as a security guard in a cemetery. I started (and failed) multiple businesses, eventually finding some minor success trading in the US market. My advice to those frustrated by the present inertia of things as far as job-hunting is concerned: get started by driving for Grab or work in delivery. The small amount of money will see you through to the next day and the next and the next...... with fingers tightly crossed, eventually your circumstances shall take a turn for the better. Give up on the white collar jobs for now. The job market is not as rosy as the papers make it out to be.

When I was stuck in a rut, I worked nights as the pay was a bit better- truth be told you have oodles of free time on your hands, which therefore means you can spend it reading and gaining new knowledge or