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Guy who is almost jobless for 2 years recounts his travails

After almost 2 years of applying for countless positions in multiple industries (including logistics, construction, manufacturing and education), my job-hunting endeavors have thus far met with zero success. While I managed to attend a few interviews, them folks who promised to revert in due time never did. Others lowballed me remuneration wise upon being privy to my currently desperate financial situation; despite me eating humble pie and accepting what was offered, nothing materialized.

I knew of "friends" who hung around while I was gainfully employed, but cut off all contact upon learning about my unenviable predicament. There was also this girl who expressed interest in entering a relationship, she too vanished once I told her yours sincerely ain't bringing home the bacon no more. Oh well, guess they were just being pragmatic. No money, no friendship. No honey either. Only stereotypical scorn plus the occasional truly hurtful mockery heaped your way.

Speaking of money, my personal savings are nearly exhausted. Beggars can't be choosers, therefore I shall pursue temporary stints until lady luck smiles on me again with a permanent full-time role. Oddly though I have been advised against gigging around, because future prospective employers might view such ad hoc placements in an unfavourable light, thus compromising my chances of getting hired. SERIOUSLY???!!!

Now I am feeling rather flummoxed. Again.

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