University was a complete waste of time

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

I have come to the realization that I have wasted much precious years studying Computer Science in university. Let me explain myself. Whatever knowledge and skills I have acquired in school seem entirely irrelevant to what the IT industry (which is constantly booming with new technologies in any case) is seeking presently. They are only interested in hiring folks who can code in newer programming languages, or possess a strong foundation as far as the latest frameworks and APIs are concerned. The job advertisements I encountered thus far mostly demand proficiency in ReactNative, Angular, Tomcat, MongoDB etc. A very small handful want experienced hands in basic stuff such as Java, c++, SQL etc. Yeah, I did thoroughly learn and appreciate the science behind how a computer exactly works in university; everything from hardware integration with low level languages to operating systems and systems development life cycles . Truth is, companies do not give two hoots about all these "junk trivia" , as I discovered from the interviews I attended during this while. People there are only keen in knowing whether you are absolutely articulate in some fashionable programming language, or whether you are able to genuinely add value to their enterprises. Nobody really cares if you are one glorious walking history textbook capable of regurgitating technical facts of the past. Oh fyi they did administer some coding assessments by the way, admittedly I didn't fare well in any of them. Obviously existing school curricula will never be able to adequately keep pace with ever rapidly evolving standards and industry practices; then again while I do not expect an overhaul of lesson schemes every now and then, I reckon students could be persuaded to embrace the newer stuff in our assignments. Seriously quit tasking us to code in dated languages or feed us endless lectures on ancient technologies. For crying out loud, even seemingly standard protocols such as using a Git version control system for repository purposes aren't widely practiced in school, since most students prefer the Dropbox method or a submission of codes to professors via e-mail. As a consequence I had to teach myself quite a few things from scratch before I can actually apply for a job! In hindsight, I would have been way better off applying for a job upon finishing my polytechnic education; yeah my remuneration will be considerably lower, however at least I get to keep up with these new technologies every step of the way and always remain attuned to the latest market needs. In a span of 3 years I would probably have been promoted at some point and enjoyed wage increments, instead of languishing in my current state of having to grapple with costly university loans and an uncertain fu