Thorough financial prescription for an SME to survive in the harshly unforgiving SG business environ

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Money makes the world go round not just once, but several times. Yes very true indeed: no money, no honey. Except an SME isn't blessed with a sizeable war chest, else life wouldn't be so darn thorny. Everything costs more than something these days- supplies, hiring the accountant, hell probably even your lawyer buddy back from the National Service days wants a piece of your ass simply for offering 5 minutes of legal advice. Coupled with soaring rental rates, increasingly expensive inventory and the taxman constantly breathing down your neck, it is surprising SMEs haven't been construed as "So Many (have) Exited".

When you are small, being supremely pessimistic might just see your business endure another day properly. But you say you want to achieve so much more; you want your baby to evolve into a juggernaut, to become the next Uber or Alibaba Group. Hey Peter Pan (or Daisy Duck or whatever your name is), dream those lofty ambitions when you are tucked in bed at night yeah? Until some angel investor comes knocking (more often than not and your grey matter knows it), time to stay really grounded in reality and start learning to be a world-champion penny pincher. Here's how: