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How can our noodles taste so good without any added salt or MSG?

Updated: May 6

The Burning Question On Everyone’s Mind…

How can our noodles taste so good without any added salt or MSG?

Only 3 main ingredients are being used to season our flavour-packed noodles.

Let me explain in greater detail…

Kelp is a large seaweed found naturally in the ocean. Dried kelp contains one of the highest naturally-occurring glutamic acid in food which contributes to that overall umami or tastiness. We generously sprinkle dried kelp imported from Hokkaido onto your noodles à la “Salt Bae.”

I’m sure you love your sambal chilli chock full of dried shrimps. Sometimes, just a handful tossed into an ordinary stir-fry can elevate the affair to restaurant standards.

Why so?

Shrimps, oysters, clams are all naturally sweet and savoury. Seafood contains a super-high amount of natural umami. The drying process applied further enables a wholesome concentrate to transpire.

We use only premium soy sauce that is naturally derived from fermented soy beans. This natural fermentation process takes months to complete. The result is a soy sauce imbued with complex aromas that are ultra-high in natural savouriness as compared to cheap acid-hydrolysed flavoured versions which only require 3 days to manufacture in a factory.

Any one of these ingredients is potent in itself. However when all three are combined, the synergy is mind-blowing and the ensuing flavours will surely skyrocket your palate to seventh heaven.

And so there you go, our magic revealed.

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