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I Sacked 6 Pinoy Nationals And 1 Indian National On Friday

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

On Friday I sacked 6 Pinoy nationals and 1 Indian national at the MNC I work at. The main reason for doing so? Fraud.

One of the Pinoys being sacked was a HR personnel, while another was an IT personnel (Indian National).

What happened was that these two clowns had colluded in allowing only their own countrymen (mostly Pinoys) to get into the company.

Long story short, we had put up job adverts seeking fresh hires, however online resumes sent by Singaporean applicants were trashed, while those forwarded by foreigners (Pinoys) were retained.

The IT fella was essentially bribed by the Pinoy HR dude to delete the log files on our SMTP server as well, making it seem as if no Singaporeans applied for the jobs. What the IT personnel didn't know was that I kept another log file separately (disguised as a system file) sent to another server.

When I saw the log files did not match and confronted the IT fella, he still had the gall to concoct some bullshit story; it was only after I threatened to report him to the police did he confess.

This was what really happened: the Pinoy HR dude had people from the Philippines apply for existing job openings within the company and deleted all Singaporean applications; in so doing he managed to get 5 Pinoys past me.

The dirty arrangement under the table was that the Pinoy HR dude would be financially compensated with a portion of every fresh hire's salary, while the Indian national received a 20% kickback each time to perform cleanups on the server (to eliminate any trace of evidence).

The HR and IT guy were sacked without notice on Friday. The 5 Pinoys who got in were also sacked. These were not insignificant jobs -they pay more than 6K/month.

Purpose of crafting this post is to generate proper awareness of possible fraud going on in certain companies and the unscrupulous means by which some foreigners are shortchanging our fellow Singaporeans.

A note for employers too, do ensure you maintain a copy of the entire log file which you alone have access to, this will help when conniving HR folks manufacture false, contradicting realities.

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