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No decent human being should ever work as an insurance agent

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Let me make myself extremely clear before I begin; the purpose of my writing is to present things in a straightforward, palatable manner for the layman to adequately appreciate. Firstly, a brief history of the insurance business. How did the notion of insurance come into existence? It had its origins in the form of protection money collected by gangsters and the mafia.

The gangsters astutely came to the eventual realization that employing violence to wreak havoc and trash things only serve to put folks out of business, which in turn affect their bottom lines.

Instead they chose to cash in on fears, worries and anxieties....their reach is thus extended to not just proprietors, but also to the common man on the street. Insurance premiums are simply protection monies. It is legalized racketeering. You cough up monthly payments to "shield" yourself from invisible worries. No decent human being should ever work as an insurance agent.

Those who do so are either willfully ignorant or have malicious hearts. A few even reckon the job is a quick wealth enabler, until the next better deal comes along. Then again let's be brutally honest; those who are knee-deep in the insurance line are never getting out, because the money is too damn good. Why is it evil?

For one, chargemasters. In every corner of the world, hospitals employ a billing codex known as the chargemaster - in truth it functions implicitly to inflate the cost of healthcare, which in turn appease insurance companies partnering them. Implications

Ordinary citizens with or without insurance will be charged extremely inflated amounts for medical consultation no thanks to insurance companies. Frankly these insurers who are primarily motivated by greed might just be solely responsible for skyrocketing healthcare costs. Now, you know why insurance agents and related companies alike can flex their wealth in full view of the public. Correction, literally ill gotten wealth. Insurance agents are profiting from the illnesses and misfortunes suffered by you and me. FYI Singapore scored dismally high on a report covering medical inflation in the region, even surpassing China and South Korea.

(Source: Channel News Asia) Lest you are unaware, a 10% increase in inflation rate has been forecast for the year 2019. As expected, insurance companies are already spinning tall tales and possibly lying through their teeth, conveniently blaming the state of affairs on an increasing prevalence of diseases and ailments. However, the god honest truth is greed knows no limits as far as them insurance companies are concerned. They have blood on their hands, and they are cognizant of this. Because everyone requires healthcare, we just have to endure being trampled all over. Hopefully I have opened your eyes to the scum they really are.

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