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Updated: Jan 4, 2020

I once made a mistake. An unforgettable mistake which haunts me till this day... That was 3 months back. A new team member just joined us. We did our usual routine and served dinner as usual. It was only after service had ended that I realized we used the wrong noodle sauce for dinner. I sat in silence for a long time. The taste would be OFF for every bowl that was sent out during dinner. 67 very unhappy customers ate and left. I had failed. Both sauces were almost identical, except that one was without a crucial ingredient. I wanted to warm it up before adding that ingredient. Somehow, there was a mixed-up and the wrong sauce was used. My regular customer, a friendly lady that used to patronize us 2-3 times a week came on that fateful evening. She never came back again. We lost her. No chance for me to make amends. You see, I always instil in my team the importance of maintaining consistency and to strive for excellence in every bowl that we send out of the kitchen. But what I tried so hard to prevent actually happened. We were totally crushed and our spirits sunk rock-bottom at the realization of the error. That mistake kept flashing inside my head again and again. I tossed endlessly in bed that night. It was a careless mistake. But we were so upset that we made a vow never to let such a situation happen again. Apart from that incident, I feel that the team have being really consistent most of the time. And it’s probably because of our relentless obsession in maintaining constancy that... We Did It! A Hat-Trick! 3 Times In A Row! ‘MICHELIN BIB GOURMAND 2018!’ This is never my accolades alone. It belongs to the whole team, and also to our supportive customers. Especially those that gave us a chance even after we had failed them. In fact, I’m so consumed with maintaining high standards that I pinned a Gordon Ramsay quote up at the stall. Ramsay, constantly staring down, reminding us on the importance of staying laser-focus and delivering excellence every day. “The moment you send a dish you’re not 💯% happy with, it’s GAME OVER.” - Gordon Ramsay. Because what counts today, doesn’t count tomorrow. Much as we try to achieve 100% every single time, sadly, that is not the case. We do screw up sometimes. . . Tight checks had been made, SOPs followed closely, but still, things got F up. But that’s life. Heck, even the best footballers like Messi or Ronaldo have their bad days. Yes, we do fail you sometimes. But more often than not, we are dependable and we deliver the goods. That’s the secret sauce to A Noodle Story; because we will do whatever it takes to