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Kazu At Marina One

Updated: May 6

Remember Chef Ichiyama Kazuhiro from Sushi Kaishin? Well, I don't know him since I only visited Sushi Kaishin for the first time after he left. I’ve only heard of him from his previous credentials pre-Sushi-Kaishin. He has now set up his own restaurant and opened Kazu | Sushi・Grill・Sake (一和) at the spanking new Marina One. I think the lunch sets are really decent, but since we were there at dinner, we decided on having omakase. I requested for ‘no otoro and no chutoro’, but to have akami instead, and a serving of kohada in addition to the usual shima aji. Got ‘em all. Yay. The kohada isn't quite in season yet, so I'm not sure if it's why the restaurant treated it a tad sharp on the vinegar, but it was okay. There was an exquisite portion of shiraebi (しらえび, or in kanji, literally 白蝦) from Toyama Bay. The sushi rice was delicious. I can't believe Chef Ichiyama would import water from Hokkaido just to cook the rice for sushi. That was what he said. I do know how water tastes different, but that is A WHOLE LOT OF WATER used to cook pots of rice. How long can they sustain this? Like, is this a marketing gimmick for the first three months while the restaurant is still new? I bravely decided to opt in for a dessert of mochi since they offerred warabi mochi (わらび餅). Warabi mochi dissolves more quickly in the mouth than the traditional slightly more chewy version of mochi which uses glutinous starch. Instead of the traditional soybean flour or brown sugar syrup to top it off tonight, Kazu used peanuts and matcha. Not too fond of the peanuts; I always prefer matcha since the bitterness is sweet enough for me.

Kazu Sushi Grill Sake (一和) 5 Straits View # 01-14 Marina One The Heart Singapore 018935 T: +65 6282 8141

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