Why you shouldn't be a salaried individual your entire life

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Indeed there are many ways of putting food on the table, though majority in Singapore's highly risk-averse society choose to toil under the wings of others- simply because it would seem relatively safer and far less hazardous compared to building an enterprise from scratch for themselves. Then again they really cannot be faulted for possessing such mindsets; after all our working culture has unequivocally demonstrated a near zero tolerance for failure. Folks who rough it out on their own terms and tanked in the aftermath are often viewed as smart-ass rejects who should have known better, rather than aspiring adventurers who haven't quite yet figured out the formula for success.

That being said, having expectations of remaining gainfully employed throughout one's entire life is at best an unrealistic, romantic notion. The iron rice bowl of the past is now a myth in the present day where everyone is always in a rush to reach their next destination, and markets evolve on the terms and conditions of dizzying rapid technological change. So endure the headwinds, run Forrest run, else be prepared to get chewed up and spitted out.

If you are trapped in a 9-5 job, the following probably apply to you: