10 reasons why Jovina Choi is Singapore's public enemy no.1

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Jovina Choi embodies every essence of character in a human being we fervently detest. I offer you 10 convincing reasons:

1. Ignorance. Holier-than-thou attitude "Because it's clear you're out to cheat my money." She is completely unaware that drivers do not earn a single cent whilst passing through an ERP gantry, yet she maintained arrogantly that the driver was out to profit at her expense. 2. Irresponsible. Everything is everybody else's fault attitude "Because you know I am a layperson and I don't know the route" She expects every driver to know the roads of Singapore at the back of his hands, in so doing she attributed the bulk of her "misfortune" (in this case, having to pay for gantry charges) to the driver when she, as a regular commuter insofar as the said destination is concerned ought to be familiar with the route, yet doesn't know her way around. 3. Hypocrisy. Double standards. "You do not have the right to video me." Contradictingly she herself attempted (but allegedly failed) to film the driver. 4. Exaggerating drama queen. "He is taking me to the Toa Payoh police station, and I think that he is a very rogue and dangerous person" So where's the abrupt braking, skidding of tires or car horns blaring sweetie? 5. Overcalculative. "And I have to pay the extra cost just to return to City Hall all the way from Toa Payoh police station." She just declared herself to be in a dangerous situation and yet she's also equally worried about the extra cost she'll have to incur later when she further travels from the police station to her intended destination. Gal your priorities are seriously messed up. 6. Quick to accuse, possibly due to poor upbringing. She pretends to call someone of authority in a bid to intimidate the driver. I am guessing that person is most likely just her mum. The person on the phone resorted to the use of threatening words like "going to Court", "You have no right to take her hostage" "You are causing her to lose her freedom" etc without first hearing the full story. Do note that these are all very serious charges and could have gotten the driver into deep trouble. Evidently Jovina is a mollycoddled individual raised in an overly sheltered environment, which essentially brings me back to point 2: Irresponsible, laying the blame on everyone else except herself. 7. Manipulative. Liar. Resorting to self victimizing antics. Playing the damsel in distress, she pleads: "Sir can you help me? This driver is trying to take me hostage." The accusatory hostage word was never used until the woman on the phone started introducing it. So who implanted the idea of a hostage situation? Obviously the person speaking on the phone! 8. Overbearing. The world revolves around h