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No more eating at Social Enterprise Hawker Centres for me.

Updated: May 6

The best way to preserve the legacy of hawker centres is to constantly patronize your favorite stalls, yes?


Be mindful of where you spend your moolah.

After news about what those social enterprise hawker centres were really up to broke, I've not had meals at any of those venues. These days I make a conscious decision to deny them my business and hit them where it hurts the most: their bottom line. The hawkers are the unfortunate collateral damage in this case and yes my heart cries for them. That being said, I still fervently pray such an unscrupulous business model will bleed cash so badly things will eventually get shut down.

Then again while a whole lot more folks must unite in this national boycott to foster such an outcome, I am positive this would prove to be far more effective than any bullshit government select committee set up to troubleshoot affairs .

So far, I only dine at hawker centres which fall under the direct purview of the National Environment Agency (NEA). So to Food Fare, Fei Siong, Timbre group: FUCK YOU. Fuck you very much for your deplorable money grabbing antics. Just because you people wear a suit and tie and can afford to engage lawyers to suffocate peasant hawkers in reservoirs of legal clauses, you therefore deserve to be pandered to?

As for Fei Siong in particular, I've sworn off visiting your affiliate noodle stalls as well. I'd rather choke on McDonald's any day of the week.

Oh and NEA, lest I forget, you certainly deserve to bear a huge part of the blame as well. Which absolutely moronic scholar suggested ceding control of our hawker centers to these greedy private companies disguised as social enterprise organisations? How much have you benefited from such arrangements thus far?

On second thought, I don't think I really want to know. My weak heart might not be able to handle the jarring truth.

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