Jul 4, 2017

Seeking Top SG tutors to register (not tuition agency)


Seeking only Full Time Graduate tutors to register in our premier database. Parents shall be able to contact you directly. No middleman, no agent, no commission charged.


-Preferably an alumnus of RI, HCI, VJC, TJC or NJC.

-Possess a degree/about to graduate from SMU, NTU or NUS (Ivy league university and top UK/Ox-Bridge graduates are more than welcome).

-Either a full time private tutor or school teacher.

-Possess considerably extensive tutoring experience.

-Having a personal tuition website (maturely developed) to showcase one's teaching skill sets shall be favored (although optional).

Note: High caliber part time tutors, as well as outstanding university graduates who previously studied in the local polytechnics shall be considered on a case-by-case basis. Suitably qualified foreigners who have settled permanently in Singapore and till date sufficiently demonstrated expertise in professional tutoring will not be disregarded; however they shall be subjected to equally stringent screening.

For more details please visit http://www.domainofexperts.com .

Jul 23, 2017


Former JC Biology teacher turned full time tutor Mr Karman Chua is the latest to have successfully made the cut, and we are certainly honoured to have him in our community of esteemed educators:


Mr Karma Chua


It's a pleasure to have you on board Karman, and we wish you many more happy, fruitful years of teaching! :)

Aug 26, 2017Edited: Mar 9


NUS and UCLA alumni Mr Julian Tan who specializes in 'A' Level Chemistry and has also previously taught for a long time in the Raffles schools is the newest addition to our community of esteemed tutors :


Mr Tan Ching Tian Julian


Our heartiest congratulations to you on being successfully admitted and may your Julian Chemistry outfit soar to greater heights!

Aug 26, 2017Edited: Mar 9

We are extremely overjoyed that 'A' Level Chemistry titan Mr Heng (also known as the legendary UltimaOnline in SG homework forums) has finally agreed to join our community after much coaxing on our part. Thank you so much Mr Heng for your magnanimity, and wishing you many more happy years of helping students realize their academic potential!


Mr Heng

Sep 1, 2017

Seasoned 'A' Level Economics specialist Mr Terence Ang is the latest member to be inducted into our exclusive community of tutoring experts, and we are certainly honoured to have him on board:


Mr Terence Ang


May you continue to rock on in the classroom and always remain awesome! :)

Sep 3, 2017

Mr Eugene Chew, who is on track to securing a First Class Honours degree in Life Sciences from NUS and is also currently on a MOE teaching scholarship suitably impressed us with his reasonably extensive tutoring experience and personal candor, as such he has rightfully earned a berth in our exclusive club of tutoring experts:


Mr Eugene Chew


Congratulations Eugene, and wishing you all the best in your PGDE studies at NIE thereafter! :)

Oct 28, 2017Edited: Dec 27, 2017

Mr Lim Wei Bin who is a passionate Chinese language tutor has been successfully admitted into our highly exclusive community of educators as an expert tutor; allow us to offer our heartiest congratulations and may you continue to inspire many more learners and engender greater love for the Mother Tongue subject! :)


Mr Lim Wei Bin

Oct 28, 2017

Economics and statistics specialist Benjamin Koh who previously graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a good Honours degree has been included as an expert tutor after having successfully passed our highly stringent selection criteria:

Mr Benjamin Koh

Congratulations Ben, and keep up the good work thus far! :)

Oct 28, 2017

Mr Dion Khoo, a highly experienced chemistry educator who coaches IB/ 'O'/ 'A' Level students is our latest minted senior expert tutor: Mr Dion Khoo

Hola Mr Khoo, here's to many more years of inspiring young Chemistry learners! :)

Nov 2, 2017

Somehow it is considerably harder to recruit Mother Tongue educators with both excellent credentials and relevant, extensive teaching experience, so we are most fortunate to have managed to induct former school teacher Mr Teoh Eng Guan (who btw graduated from the prestigious Nanjing University in People's Republic of China) into our ranks of expert tutors:


Mr Teoh Eng Guan


Welcome on board Mr Teoh, and here's to many more years of getting children and teens to properly embrace the Chinese language! :)

Nov 6, 2017

Former CFO Mr Philip Toh who coaches students in Principles of Accounts is armed to the teeth as far as academic/professional qualifications and related teaching experience are concerned; as such he has certainly made the cut to join us as an expert tutor:

Mr Philip Toh

We are most humbled to have you on board, and may you continue to find joy in grooming many more future accountants! :)

Nov 16, 2017

English / English literature/ General Paper tutor Mr Kelvin Yap who previously taught in a significant number of secondary schools and junior colleges has been included in our exclusive community of esteemed educators:

Mr Kelvin Yap

Congratulations Kelvin, and may the maestro continue working his magic to benefit many more learners! :)

Nov 29, 2017

Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts is most pleased to announce the elevation in rank of the following tutors in our latest promotion exercise effective 1 December 2017:


1. Mr Anthony Fok (Full Grandmaster Tutor - 6 stars)


2. Miss Li Jie (Junior Grandmaster Tutor - 5 stars)


3. Mr Wee Wen Shih (Full Grandmaster Tutor - 6 stars )


4. Mr Joel Liu (Senior Expert Tutor - 4 stars )


5. Mr Andrew Yap (Junior Grandmaster Tutor -5 stars )


6. Mr Goh Joo Heng (Junior Grandmaster Tutor -5 stars )


7. Mr Joshua Wong (Senior Expert Tutor - 4 stars )


8. Miss Debbie Teo (Junior Grandmaster Tutor -5 stars)


9. Mr Andrew Tan (Full Grandmaster Tutor - 6 stars )


10. Mr Edwin Cheng (Senior Expert Tutor - 4 stars )


Congratulations to all of you, and keep up the good work thus far! :)




Dec 27, 2017Edited: Dec 28, 2017

'A' Level H2 Chemistry tutor Mr Max Lai, a former Rafflesian who comes armed with both a PGDE and first class honours in Chemistry from Imperial College London has been admitted into our community of expert educators during the final days of this year:


Mr Max Lai


Welcome on board Max; here's to a fruitful and productive 2018! :)

Dec 27, 2017

Seasoned Physics educator and former school teacher Mr Eric Xie has been recently inducted into our exclusive community of expert tutors:

Mr Eric Xie

Bravo Eric for being successful in your application, and best wishes for your teaching endeavors in the coming new year! :)

Mar 28, 2018


There is much reason to feel overjoyed-as Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts turns six today, I was just informed our site is now ranked by Alexa as being among the top 5000 in Singapore and top 600,000 globally. From zilch to featuring more than 60 carefully considered tutors on a platform which also comprises numerous knowledge databases, opinion sections and a humble marketplace, we have come some way in part largely due to your unwavering support and encouragement, yet make no mistake about it- the road ahead is still long and possibly arduous. However we shall persevere, and strive to deliver up to the minute, relevant content alongside showcasing top notch vetted educators for your consideration when you desire quality assistance in academic subjects.


We are not exactly proponents of tuition, neither are we opponents. We were borne out of a confluence of consequences which include this nation's ongoing obsession with grades and a highly unregulated private education industry where too many unscrupulous middlemen agencies have long feasted on the naivety of parents/students. Perhaps when the day finally arrives when a real paradigm shift has taken place as far as the notion of securing an education in the little red dot is concerned, our presence shall no longer be required. Till then, it's business as usual.

Lastly, allow me and my team to offer each and everyone of you a sincere thanks for being with us all this while, we are only as awesome as you allow us to be.


Happy Birthday Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts! :)


Jul 1, 2018

We are happy to announce that a custom "Like This Tutor" button has been recently implemented on the profile pages of all our listed tutors - so do show your support for your favourite educator by giving him/her a like (simply click on the button) today! :)


Dec 7, 2018


Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts is most pleased to announce the elevation in rank of the following tutors in our latest promotion exercise:


1. Mr Heng (Sage Tutor - 7 stars)


2. Mr William Lin Xijie (Junior Grandmaster Tutor - 5 stars)


3. Miss Cordelia Yap (Senior Expert Tutor - 4 stars )


4. Mr Donnell Koh (Senior Expert Tutor - 4 stars )


5. Mr Liu Ning (Senior Expert Tutor - 4 stars )


6. Mrs Grace Ong (Senior Expert Tutor - 4 stars )


Congratulations to all of you, and keep up the good work thus far! :)


We are thrilled to announce the inclusion of Mdm Shiao Lea Yap, an extremely passionate former primary school teacher, within the ranks of our expert tutors.

Mdm Shiao Lea Yap Congratulations Lea Yap, we hope you will continue devoting boundless energy to enriching the learning process for our young, and achieve great fulfillment for many more years to come! :)

Mar 9Edited: Mar 9


It is with much delight that we announce the induction of Mr Andrew Kang, a veteran Physics educator with nearly two decades of experience teaching in secondary schools into our community of tutoring experts:

Mr Andrew Kang

Welcome on board Andrew, and may you continue to inspire and broaden the horizons of many more batches of students! :)

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