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Orchard Towers murder sole female accused, 22, leaves many thirsty, public interest high



A 31-year-old man died in Orchard Towers on Tuesday morning, July 2, 2019.


Six men and one woman were charged on Thursday, July 4 with his murder.

The accused are:

Tan Sen Yang, 27, Loo Boon Chong, 25, Tan Hong Seng, 22, Joel Tan Yun Sheng, 26, Chan Jia Xing, 26, Ang Da Yuan, 26, and Natalie Siow Yu Zhen, 22.


Charge sheets described the seven accused persons as members of an unlawful assembly.


All seven face one charge of committing murder as members of an unlawful assembly in the prosecution of the common object of the assembly.


If convicted, they could face the death penalty.


All of them remained expressionless when their names were called in court.


Youngest of the lot

The youngest out of the seven is Natalie Siow, who is only 22.


Widespread interest

News coverage of the case and the group’s subsequent arrests have so far been met with widespread interest in Singapore.


This is despite Orchard Towers’ notoriety for recurring vice and criminal activities over the years.


But public interest in this case can be attributed to the relatively young ages of the seven accused persons.


Traction of coverage

Over the course of less than 12 hours, the CNA and Today articles out on July 4 about the accused persons being charged were liked and shared thousands of times.


CNA: Liked and shared close to 12,000 times.


Today: Liked and shared close to 2,800 times.


A CNA video of the van ferrying the accused persons chalked up 50,000 views on YouTube within 11 hours.



Google surge

Starting from July 4, after 6.30am, which was after news coverage of the murder and the arrests broke, Natalie Siow’s name saw an uptick in Google searches.



The full name of Natalie Siow was also picked up by Google Trends, which showed other similar queries for her social media profiles:



Google search in Singapore now automatically completes the search query by suggesting “natalie siow” (even in incognito mode):


More at https://mothership.sg/2019/07/natalie-siow/


Unpixelated photos of chiobu Natalie Siow!




Natalie Siow's Fan Club appears on Zaobao news liao!!!!!!


豪杰大厦命案 女郎被控谋杀 有人办粉丝团声援





Let's all pray for this chiobu to escape the death penalty!!!!


Woah xmm flying kick until her slipper came off, jskm.

LOL now she is even more popular than Natalie Portman WTF



Accused Orchard Towers killer Natalie Siow is amassing an online fan base of besotted fanboys



Natalie Siow Yu Zhen, the young woman who, along with six men, were charged with this week’s grisly murder of a 31-year-old man at Orchard Towers, has apparently become internet famous.


Despite the horrific nature of the crime that Siow stands accused of, the 22-year-old has been amassing a fan base online ever since news outlets revealed the identities of those involved in the murder.


Across local online forums and social media groups like Hardwarezone and Legit Singapore, people have been expressing support and admiration for Zhen, with some even calling for her release.


One Hardwarezone forum user, for instance, wrote: “Release Natalie… freedom and justice for Natalie!!! She is innocent, pure and chio.” For those unfamiliar with the Hokkien word “chio,” it’s used to describe a woman who is pretty and attractive, with some sexual connotation added to it. 


“+1 support Natalie Siow… please give her probation only” another Hardwarezone user wrote.


Siow, along with six men between the ages of 22 and 27, allegedly killed the victim on Tuesday, July 2 a little after 6am at the entrance of Orchard Towers.


The alleged perpetrators were caught on CCTV camera approaching Satheesh Noel Gobidass, the victim, then fleeing the scene following a brief physical scuffle. Following the incident, the victim was found lying unconscious in a pool of blood and sent to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, where he was pronounced dead an hour later.


The Hardwarezone forum has even opened threads such as the “[Official] Natalie Siow Yu Zhen Fan Club” to gather Siow’s growing fan base in one conversation, in which personal photos from her social media accounts where shared.

One of her fans, using closed-circuit television footage (CCTV) of the crime, even made a GIF of Siow fleeing the crime scene, captioned with: “red hot chilli pepper.”




It’s twisted AF, yes, and apparently part of a rather common phenomenon in which high profile murderers and convicts attract admiration — especially if the perpetrator(s) in question are conventionally attractive. Notorious serial killer and cult leader Charles Manson got engaged behind bars; Ted Bundy, who confessed to the murder of over 30 people, got hitched and even fathered a child in prison.


Experts believe that social media and the quick, easy spread of information of the internet makes it easier for criminals to develop a fanbase.


Siow, along with the six other suspects, will return to court on July 11, and is currently being remanded at the Central Police Division for investigation without bail, according to Today.


Following that, they will be put through a three-week psychiatric evaluation at the Complex Medical Centre in Changi Prison, during which they won’t be permitted to speak to anyone. They will then be remanded at Changi Prison until the High Court takes over the case.


If convicted, they will face the death penalty.




Well... the fight took place outside the Naughty Girl club, so she was just trying to be a naughty girl herself. :P


Even more photos of Natalie Siow!!!!!!!!







What is her religion? Should go to temple or church to pray for her?



Chillax sis, why so worked up? Your reply entirely in caps is giving me a big headache leh.

@Emboldened how do you even know Nutella Siao likes Hello Kitty in the first place? LMFAO

Jul 5Edited: Jul 5


Orchard Towers Murder Suspect’s Fan Club On HardwareZone Is Everything Wrong About Social Media


When you hear the word “criminal”, you’d probably try to visualise people who look messed up, sinister, and downright shady.


How many of you imagine handsome men, or beautiful women, to fit the label?


Apparently, the idea of an attractive lady being a criminal is so grossly unacceptable, that there’s a fan club for a young woman – freshly charged with murder – denouncing her as a killer.


Enter the “NATALIE SIOW YU ZHEN FAN CLUB”, newly opened as of 11.37am Thursday (4 Jul), on Singapore’s HardwareZone forum.



Ms Siow was among 7 suspects – 6 of whom are men – who were charged for the murder of a man at Orchard Towers.

According to the post, a chio bu – a term famously used by Singaporeans to describe a pretty girl – “cannot be a murderer” and she was just “an innocent bystander.”


Why was she singled out? Presumably because she is the youngest – only 22 – and a good-looking female.


Comments were sexual in nature

As soon as Ms Siow’s picture was posted, lewd comments related to male sexual pleasure quickly followed.


Here’s your official trigger warning as the content is truly disturbing. We are also only featuring these comments to call out this behaviour by netizens who take advantage of the anonymity of the internet to make them.



There were comments made on her physique, complete with ‘score cards’ that show how much they would rate her in terms of attractiveness.




Some also asked for her social media accounts, like Instagram. For what reason, we leave that up to your interpretation.


Others found it hard to believe that a “sweet, pretty, innocent-looking” young girl could turn out to be a murderer.


Charged for murder at Orchard Towers

On Thursday (4 Jul), 7 people were charged with the murder of a man at Orchard Towers.


Six of them were men, which leaves 22-year-old Ms Siow as the last and youngest suspect.


She quickly became an overnight Internet sensation when her name was released to the media along with the other suspects.


People were first intrigued by her young age. But being in the age of Google, her physical features quickly drew online attention at an almost feverish pace.


This is something that neither of the male suspects were subjected to.


Societal bias towards “chiobu” suspects

Sadly, Ms Siow’s case isn’t the first to have happened in Singaporean society.


Just last month, a 29-year-old female teacher was jailed for 2 years 9 months for sexually exploiting a 15-year-old male student. She was 26 when she committed the crime.


Instead of criticising the teacher for inappropriate sexual relations, comments surfaced online saying that they wished they were the student.


Some asked to see a photo of her.

While some wished that their secondary school teacher would’ve done this to them.



Let’s not forget former CHC finance manager Ms Serina Wee, who was just released on 28 Dec last year after serving her 2.5 year jail sentence.


She was found guilty of helping to misappropriate millions in the City Harvest Church case.



When news broke that she was going to be imprisoned for 5 years, people commented that she was “too pretty” for jail.

There’s also comments like this:



We can do better than this

There’s no other way to say it, but it’s evident that we live in a society that objectifies women, especially ones that many find good-looking.


The comments made above are sorely distasteful, to say the least.


We like to think that we live in a society that cultivates mature thinking. Yet when faced with such shocking comments, we take a step back and reevaluate the progress we’ve made so far.


C’mon, it’s 2019. We can be so much better than this. Right?





Jul 5Edited: Jul 5

Oh please Natalie xmm can hardly compare with supreme MILF Serina Wee zeh zeh .......Serina is a goddess who oozes so much poise and elegance - qualities this young ill-bred punk bitch clearly lacks.

Jul 6Edited: Jul 6

HWZ forums are infested with grotesquely fat, juvenile keyboard warriors spotting a median IQ slightly higher than that of the typical spastic individual; any gal seen as mildly attractive will already have them stroking their permanently half flaccid 1.5-inch wieners. Should one of these fucking pathetic losers ever set foot in here I would surely snap his dick into half and have him booted out with a permanent ban.

Jul 6Edited: Jul 6

A-fucking-men brotha, this forum surely doesn't deserve to be polluted by third world garbage EDMWers.

I thought Natalie = 奶大粒 ? How come she looks so flat-chested?

A photo taken of Natalie Siow quite sometime back shows her as the sweet girl next door.........that was before she mixed with the wrong company and turned rotten.





She looked so angelic and innocent here sia, it's really a good life utterly destroyed sigh.

Jul 9

@Macron-omics Can't even begin to imagine how heartbroken her parents must be right now.

Heard Nat was from ITE or something?

Think it's ITE College East? Cannot confirm though.

Jul 10Edited: Jul 10

Natalie brought back to murder scene! Damn the massive headlights on the dino-bu police officer are really distracting, just saying.





Jul 10

LMFAO this FB comment is really super facepalm.....



Jul 10Edited: Jul 10












Jul 10

Photos of another murder suspect brought back to the crime scene, if anybody is even interested to view.




Camera footage of the murder from a different angle:


I think the first court hearing for Natalie+gang will happen tomorrow?


Murder charges withdrawn for three men allegedly linked to Orchard Towers death



SINGAPORE - Three men in a group of seven charged with the murder of a man at Orchard Towers on July 2 were given a discharge amounting to an acquittal on Thursday (July 11).


Tan Hong Sheng, 22, Loo Boon Chong, 25, and Chan Jia Xing, 26, had their charges reclassified to that of consorting with a person carrying an offensive weapon in a public place.


Accused parties given a discharge amounting to an acquittal cannot be charged again with the same offence.


More at https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/murder-charges-withdrawn-for-three-men-allegedly-linked-to-orchard-towers



Jul 11

So Natalie is still charged with murder? Look at what this bitch insinuated..........


Jul 11

@西廠 Think this Nepalese Ladee can get ready to be sued by Natalie's family for shooting her mouth off.


According to court documents, they were allegedly found in the company of Tan Sen Yang, 27, who is said to have had a foldable “kerambit” knife in his possession at the Naughty Girl Club on the second storey of Orchard Towers at 5.46am on July 2. The weapon is a curved knife resembling a claw.
Jul 11Edited: Jul 11


Why the Karambit is the deadliest melee weapon


The technique of the karambit is heavily focused on striking the weak points of the human body, slicing through the muscles, tendons and ligaments from the knee and elbow, instantly disabling the victim. This is a very effective technique because of the curved blade. Because of this, the karambit is considered to be one of the deadliest melee weapons.




I thought Monica Baey was the most infamous female Sinkie of the year, turns out 奶大粒 completely stole her thunder!

Look at what this fucktard over at HWZ's EDMW section posted.



Jul 15

LMFAO @ chio bu don't pang sai......

Jul 17

Natalie is A-cupper can work as FL? At discounted rate siboh?

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In a post published last Thursday (7 Nov), Mr Ong noted that this is not the first time Mr Heng has faced a roadblock during a parliamentary clash with WP chairman Sylvia Lim: “In March 2018, it was the trial balloon saga where Heng Swee Keat (HSK) asked Sylvia Lim to apologise and withdraw her allegation on the timing of the GST hike. Now he is asking her and Low Thia Khiang to recuse themselves from the town council’s financial matters. “Being a legal practitioner, Sylvia knew the motion was not legally binding and refused to do so. Besides if she did, it would clearly indicate to some degree that they were dishonest and untruthful in safeguarding public funds that were entrusted to them. “In both incidents HSK went head-on into two roadblocks when it was totally unnecessary for him to do so. Under parliamentary rules he did not breach any rules. But HSK should have known that Sylvia was not going to budge as she knew where she stood by the rules of the house as well. “What HSK must understand is when one apologises it really means one has done wrong. If Sylvia feels that she has done no wrong and has not profited from it why should she make statements or carry out actions to indicate her wrong doing? “In this case the courts have decided but the ruling will only be absolute when the appeal is heard and the final ruling given. This is called due process of law which in essence prohibits the government from taking any action against its citizens or agents of the government until a final verdict is delivered by the apex court.” Asserting that Mr Heng has shown once again that “he is still an amateur at the game,” Mr Ong wondered why he chose this course of action and speculated about whether Mr Heng was trying to prove himself to his party members. Pointing out that neither the current PM or the immediate past PM were very good examples of strong leaders, the netizen asserted that one who is high-handed is not necessarily a good leader: “HSK has again shown his hand that he is still an amateur at the game. I fail to understand why he adopted this latest course of action. I wonder who was his audience? Was it the Prime Minister, the cabinet and fellow PAP MPs? Was he trying to show them that as heir to the PAP throne, he is indeed a worthy successor to LHL? “What he should realise is LHL and GCT are not very good examples of strong and decisive PMs. The only reason GCT survived was because LKY was Senior Minister and Minister Mentor from 1990 to 2011, he provided the backbone to these two PMs. “Well we know why LHL became PM and how he has performed. But at least LHL has pretty decent oratorical skills and is articulate. “HSK must now realise that being high-handed does not mean you are a good leader. Look at what people are saying on the internet of his recent spat with Sylvia. A good leader knows when to open up and when to take decisive action.” Opining that Mr Heng, who also serves as Finance Minister, may be good with numbers but may not be a good leader for the people, Mr Ong added: “Good leaders always take calculated risks and aim to win. Poor leaders always stumble because they have not thought through their intended decisions and its ramifications. HSK is in essence a numbers man but not a good leader of people. “Richard Hu who was Finance Minister from 1985 to 2001 was a classic example of a behind the scenes numbers man. Although he was eloquent, he was not a leader in the true sense of the word. “Goh Keng Swee was a brilliant economist and blue-skies man but was inept as a public speaker. They were in reality good planners and visionary political leaders. Men like them knew they were never good PM material.” Calling Mr Heng an “uninspiring leader who is unable to galvanise his followers,” Mr Ong said that the DPM’s “lack of presence” and poor communication skills worry him given the geo-political situation in the region: “HSK from his recent showings is an uninspiring leader who is unable to galvanise his followers. He lacks presence and his communicative skills are below par. This worries me as the world has become a dangerous place. “The geopolitical situation in the Asia Pacific has become less stable. The rise of China and its military prowess is a cause of worry as China knows that whatever we may say or do, we are still in the American camp. “The wheels are still churning up north as well. If you have watched recent political developments you will see alliances being struck between old enemies. As yet we still do not know who will succeed Mahathir. “In Indonesia, Joko Widodo has appointed his political rival, Prabowo Subianto as his Defence Minister as well as others who were against the President in the hustings. These developments could affect the immediate political relationship over areas such as airspace management, defence arrangements, border controls and the like. “At a time like this we need a decisive leader who is smart at navigating and taking on the challenges which will surely come our way. A leader who is also compassionate and one who puts his country, his people and party (in that order) before himself. “In this day and age of electronic media broadcasts and TV, a leader must have excellent communicative skills. This is definitely a veto quality in my books. “Why Singapore did well from 1965 onwards was because we had LKY and a very able cabinet in our formative years. When LKY spoke, you can’t help but listen. Not only was he bright but he was street- smart and competent as well. His cabinet comprised able and selfless men who were up to the job. “They knew how the game was played. In the past there was no internet and social media in existence, so we all pulled the oars together. But those days are gone. Singaporeans are better educated, and more vocal. We are better informed and more exposed to the world at large. “Many of us have become “critical lovers” of Singapore. Our political leaders must remember that when we criticise our leaders it does not mean we are disloyal to our country or ungrateful for what the PAP has done for Singapore.” Pointing out that the times have changed and the people want more of a say in how the country is run, Mr Ong said that it may be good for Singapore in the long-term to elect an capable opposition in Parliament so that the ruling party will also rely on capable and decisive leaders: “But times have changed, the world has changed and our leaders must go with the change. Being high-handed in governance is passé We all want to have a better say in how our country is run. “In the next election, if members of the opposition are voted in, they will also be held accountable for their words and deeds. Perhaps it may be good for us in the long run to have a capable opposition in parliament as it will make for a better PAP with capable and decisive leaders who will understand that a one-party state is a thing of the past!” http://theindependent.sg/hsk-is-an-uninspiring-leader-who-is-still-an-amateur-at-the-game-criticism-against-dpm-heng-trends-online/

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