Dec 1, 2017

Cristiano Ronaldo's Earnings From a Single Instagram Post



Cristiano Ronaldo is accustomed to being the top of pretty much every ranking system he is eligible for and his personal fortune has him as one of the leading earners for a male athlete in the world.


A new study has identified yet another area where Ronaldo comes out on top, as it has been revealed that the Real Madrid star earns a whopping £308,000 for every post he makes on Instagram. Every. Single. One. 


The Portugal international has a staggering 116m followers on Instagram, which sees him share photos of his football career, expanding family, and various lucrative sponsorship deals which range from mobile phones and shampoo, to Egyptian Steel companies.


The research by HopperHQ, via Goal, shows Ronaldo as the third highest-paid celebrity in the world from sponsored photos, and the highest-earning male.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images


Ronaldo was surpassed by pop star Selena Gomez, who earns a healthy £424,000 per post, and Kim Kardashian who collects £385,000 for her daily posts. Whilst the only other sports star on the list was basketball superstar Lebron James, with £92,457. 


Whilst Ronaldo's off-field life is well and truly taken care of, his career on the field has started to return to normal programming as the 32-year-old scored his second league goal against Malaga on Wednesday, taking his tally to four goals in his last five games. 


Ronaldo will have the opportunity to add to his goal scoring tally when Real Madrid make the trip to face Athletic Bilbao on the weekend, before returning to Champions League's league action against Borussia Dortmund in mid-week. 


Source: Sports Illustrated




Dec 1, 2017

What the would take me nearly a decade just to earn that amount!

Dec 1, 2017

Bet millions of girls are willing to be bedded by this super rich and handsome mofo.

Dec 1, 2017

That amount is chump change in comparison to the obscene multi-million dollar salaries drawn by our nincompoop LEE-ders.

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