Feb 8, 2018

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Feb 10, 2018





Dirty Tricks Revealed...


Fancy Beating the Insane Queue or Making a Reservation In Advance?


Just yesterday, this guy with his clothes soaked full of perspiration, arrived at the stall wanting to order at 2.19pm.

But... We served the last bowl just 3 minutes ago!


I spoke to him and found out that he travelled here all the way from Pasir Ris. He was in the area, but apparently, was lost and walking around in circles. From Maxwell to Chinatown, and then to Amoy due to Google map and couldn't rush here in time.


I politely explained that it isn't that I don’t want to make a bowl for him, but I really do not have any ingredients left.

Due to our tiny space and tedious preparation process, our production is limited to 200 bowls daily. So, if someone comes and order 30 packets, it's a sure-bet we will sell-out earlier than usual.


I felt some of his disappointment and promised him a bowl on us the next time he visits.



Previously, people would call me to reserve food for them and I would gladly obliged.


Often, after we had already sold-out, I still kept the stoves firing, maintaining that rolling boil in anticipation of their arrival. I waited and waited and waited...


But still, no one arrived. Kena played out.


An opportunity loss which I could have serve to other customers. A waste of time for nothing. Very precious time in our tight schedule which we could use to clean-up, prep and get ready for dinner service.


I was getting played out so frequently that I stopped taking in reservations by call.



I'd heard some feedbacks on that insane queue...


Just need to let you know that we try our best to move as quickly as possible while maintaining our high standards.

Customers don't usually order only one bowl. Most order 2-5 bowls and that's the reason why the queue doesn't seem like it's moving sometimes.


I know it’s frustrating for you when you're in a rush and your lunch hour is limited.



To solve these issues, I'd partnered with Klook (a travel app) to offer you 'Reservation Ticket' & ‘Beat d’Queue Priority FastPass' options for your convenience.


These 2 products are listed in the Shop in our FB page.


You can check out the link below for more details:




Do note that only 8 FastPasses will be issue per timeslot. This is to minimize disruptions as much as possible to the main queue.


PS: These are dirty but very useful tricks. Do not use them unnecessarily!






Mar 27, 2018Edited: Sep 4, 2018


BY Pita& Salad



Introducing the EGG MAYO Pita


An irresistible mash of boiled eggs in horseradish cream and bell pepper served on crunchy romaine lettuce. Lightly spiced, with a dash of black pepper, topped with red cabbage and roasted almonds. This one is die die must try!


Flash this ad at our outlet to enjoy 2 free add-ons for your pitas! 😋





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